A Reasonable Compromise

Peter and Big Chicken

The NCDOT preliminary plan for Lewisville-Clemmons Road represents a reasonable compromise between the concerns of those who oppose medians on L-C Road and those of us who believe roadway improvements are needed for safety, traffic flow, and the appearance of the corridor.

You can get a detailed rundown of the plan here.

On the one hand, opponents of the project get a substantial win in that 80% of the roadway will get no additional median infrastructure. In addition, none of the driveways north of Stadium drive will be closed. In my estimation, opponents are getting 85%-90% of the loaf with this proposal. I hope they will be content to book their win and become constructive participants in this process from here out.

Meanwhile, supporters of the project will finally see progress on the most troublesome section of the L-C Road between I-40 and Stadium Drive, potentially significant upgrades to the interchange, pedestrian infrastructure as far as Highway 158, and perhaps underground utilities down to Stadium Drive; the latter two items being subject to further cost analysis. The section between Stadium and Highway 158 will still be chaotic and hazardous at peak hours, but the NCDOT plan represents considerable progress nonetheless. It will not be easy, but I urge supporters to put the hard-feelings from the election behind them and support the Village Council as they work through the planning process with the NCDOT.

Politically, both sides can claim some measure of victory. The stakeholders behind Clemmons Citizens Want a Voice (“Stop The Median”) got to lord their political power over their neighbors and customers yet again while also settling some political scores. On the other side, councilpersons who were ousted in November can claim a moral victory in that their initial votes in support of the project were completely vindicated. There was no backroom deal and there will be no business apocalypse.

With further development and input, the May 15 NCDOT proposal should provide a basis for community consensus on this issue. Between now and September, I will use these pages to further examine this project and speak to the objections and issues that will inevitably arise.

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