A Consensus Position That Reasonable Residents and Stakeholders Can Rally Around.

On February 12, our village council passed a resolution (“2018-R-1”) that sends a clear message to the NCDOT that the citizens of Clemmons will not support “the installation of a median in the (Lewisville-Clemmons Road) Corridor that will be substantially unbroken except for certain intersection points.” This resolution, which clarifies and elaborates on the position of past councils, was rightly celebrated on the Stop The Median Facebook page as a campaign pledge fulfilled.

I commend our past councils for their diligent work on this issue and our new councilpersons for making good on their campaign promises. In its resolution, our council further resolved to “re-evaluate its support of and point assignment to Project U-6004 after NCDOT presents its design to the Council and input is received from the community” and stated their desire that the design “improve traffic flow and pedestrian safety within the Corridor, enhance the appearance thereof, and preserve ready access to the businesses and facilities located therein.”

This resolution, taken in its totality, represents a community consensus that every reasonable resident and stakeholder should be able to rally around. Furthermore, it provides a firm foundation for a productive working relationship with the NCDOT in the months to come. The time has come for the property owners and businesses that powered the Stop the Median campaign to prove they can support real, common-sense solutions to the issues on Lewisville-Clemmons Rd. Allowing them to fester threatens the health and safety of Clemmons residents, encumbers home values in South of Forty neighborhoods, and endangers the long-term economic stability of the community.

Clemmons is about to enter a new phase in its development; one in which Forsyth County will likely experience explosive growth. In the years to come, we will be compelled to compete with new communities in Davie County and Northwest Forsyth County for residents and businesses. In the words of Abraham Lincoln, “a house divided against itself cannot stand.” It is imperative that this community put the bitter and divisive politics of the recent campaign behind us, so that we may focus on winning the future, together.

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