Welcome to Go4ProgressClemmons.blog

Greetings and welcome to Go4ProgressClemmons.blog. This blog is for people who want to see road improvements to the Lewisville-Clemmons Road business district. Over the next three months, I will put forward a detailed case for why road improvements, including but not limited to a system of raised medians, are needed to improve safety, increase traffic capacity, and maintain home values in the South of Forty (“SoFor”) area of Clemmons. Among the topics I will address are:

  • Why, in spite of the election, the issue of Lewisville-Clemmons Road is just getting warmed up.
  • Why Forsyth County is poised for explosive growth and what this means for Clemmons.
  • A positive vision for the SoFor business district.
  • The special interests behind the “Stop The Median” campaign and why their economic interests are not aligned with those of Clemmons homeowners and residents.
  • Why Lewisville Clemmons Road is the ball game and a Kinnamon Road interchange or Beltway extension to Hwy 158 are strawmen intended to sandbag progress.
  • The proven safety and commercial benefits of raised median systems.
  • How a raised median system enables other traffic improvements, pedestrian amenities, and modern commercial development on Lewisville Clemmons Road.
  • Why the advent of self-driving cars means Lewisville Clemmons Road must change.
  • What you can personally do to support improvements to Lewisville-Clemmons Road.

I hope you’ll visit here often and join me in supporting progress for Clemmons!

Warm Regards,

Charles Sherrill