Village Council Votes to “Stop The Median” … or something. (Updated 5:45 pm 2/13/18)

In last night’s council meeting, our village council voted to … well, I don’t know what they voted to for, because they did not read their resolution into the record or provide a copy in the agenda. According to the village attorney, the council cannot repeal a past resolution. So, oops, I guess.

Two alleged resolutions were discussed. Both evidently had something to do with the DOT’s proposal to install a system of raised medians on Lewisville Clemmons Road. Mrs. Lofland allegedly introduced a resolution that passed 4-1, with Mr. Combeste in opposition. He allegedly introduced a subsequent resolution that was not brought to a vote.

Last night’s alleged resolution is a moot point because the DOT is going to proceed with their feasibility study (a sunk cost) and present it to the community in May, and the prioritization of the Lewisville Clemmons Road project cannot be changed until September. We’ll see where the chips fall come May.

Once the text of the council’s resolution is made public, I will post it here.


I received a copy of the resolution from Mayor Wait. There are numerous preambles, but the key portion of the resolution is quoted here in its entirety:

“NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Village Council of Clemmons that it
will re-evaluate its support of and point assignment to Project U-6004 after NCDOT presents its design to the Council and input is received from the community. The Village Council wishes for such design to improve traffic flow and pedestrian safety within the Corridor, enhance the appearance thereof, and preserve ready access to the businesses and facilities located therein.

The Village Council further desires that every feasible option be presented to the Village of Clemmons to achieve such outcomes, and that solutions not be limited to those including a substantially unbroken median throughout the Corridor. To this end, the Village Council strongly encourages NCDOT to enlarge the scope of its planning process regarding Project U-6004.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that this Resolution shall not change the current NCDOT SPOT priority and point assignment for Project U-6004 by the Village, pending a review of design options presented to the Village Council by NCDOT.

BE IT FINALLY RESOLVED that this Resolution is intended to update and clarify the position of the Village Council of Clemmons with regard to roadway improvements in the Corridor, and that, to the extent Resolution 2016-R-17 conflicts with this Resolution, this Resolution shall supersede, control, and state the updated policy of the Village Council and the community.

Well, that sounds very … reasonable.



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